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Working Video Of China's Most Advanced Noodle Machine

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noodle machine is a kind of equipment for extruding flour into noodles through relative rotation and mixing of flour roller to form necessary toughness and humidity. It can be divided into simple noodle machine, automatic strip picking one-time noodle machine, assembly line noodle machine, automatic powder spreading noodle machine, etc. Let's introduce the benefits of noodle machine technology update to users. Let's have a look!
1¡¢ High degree of automation and more accurate microcomputer control
Double sided powder spreading, adjustable powder amount, non stick noodles, microcomputer control of noodle length, automatic conveying of noodles, more convenient, labor-saving and silent operation.
2¡¢ Energy saving and time-saving, guaranteed to make money
Multi roll and multi group one-time forming, fine and uniform powder spreading on both sides, time-saving, one person can operate, the fold skin is neat and thin, such as cicada wing, one machine can be used for multiple purposes, and can also be used as noodles.
noodle machine
3¡¢ Advanced technology, easy to learn
Chain drive is mostly used, with stable operation, reliable quality and low noise. It is automatically put on the shelf, automatic section, one-time forming. Most parts in contact with flour are made of stainless steel or special surface treatment.

The above is about the benefits of noodle machine technology update to users. Do you understand it? If you want to know more about the noodle machine, please pay attention to our website, and the wonderful content will be presented to you at any time. In addition, if you want to buy the noodle machine, you can contact us at any time, which will provide you with high-quality products, and look forward to your cooperation! 

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