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Brief Introduction Of Noodle Machine Made In China

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In the morning, we often see a lot of stalls selling baked noodles on the roadside. It feels perfect to have a bowl of hot noodles in the morning. What should we pay attention to when cleaning the noodle machine? Let's give you a brief introduction!

First take down the dough dough machine to come out of the mold, then start the machine and put a small dough into the hopper to push out the stored surface in the elbow, because during normal production, the elbow space between the screw and the mold will form a pressure chamber, and this part of the dough will be matured. After production, 

noodle machineThis part of dough will remain in the elbow because there is no follow-up dough, which is difficult to take out. The oil stain, rust or attached chips on the parts of the dough machine can be cleaned with diesel, kerosene or gasoline as washing solution, and then dried with compressed air. The matching surface generally needs to be lubricated before matching or connection. In particular, the bearing part of the spindle box and the screw nut part of the lifting mechanism.

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