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What Are The Characteristics Of The Electric Pasta Machine?

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When we make things by ourselves, we can experience that it feels very good. Usually, the noodles we eat are nothing more than buying in the market or going to the supermarket. In fact, using the household electric pasta machine is also a very happy and free thing. In it, we can experience the fun of making noodles. The taste is not only different, but also very fulfilling. If you like it, you might as well buy a household electric pasta machine. What are the characteristics of the electric pasta machine?

1. The whole machine has proper layout, reasonable calendering ratio and distribution, stable transmission, accurate dynamic power of the transmission room, low noise, no vibration and superior performance. It can be equipped with small drying equipment. It is an ideal product for small and medium-sized noodle manufacturers.

2. The chain transmission structure is adopted, and the transmission part is equipped with rolling bearing, which has flexible operation and stable performance. It has the characteristics of small volume, compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

pasta machine

3. The machine body is made of excellent steel, and the roll is made of high-strength alloy steel with surface drawing, which has high strength, high pressure, durability and no deformation.

4. The electric pasta machine adopts gear transmission, with reliable use, balanced transmission, compact structure, simple operation, safe use, small volume and low noise.

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