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The Pasta Machine Made In China Is Economical And Durable

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It is easy to break when pressing noodles with a pasta machine, which is mainly caused by insufficient gluten of the flour used. You can try to use high gluten flour to press noodles. You can also process an appropriate amount of salt inside when mixing flour, and then see the effect of pressing noodles and whether there are broken strips. The quality of the noodles extruded by the pasta machine is also related to the proportion of flour and water. pasta machineThe noodles extruded by the pasta machine are relatively hard with less water. Generally, when buying a manual pasta machine, the manufacturer will tell you how to mix the flour and water, as well as some skills and experience in pressing noodles. When you use it, you can accumulate more skills and methods in this regard. I believe you can make better and delicious noodles.

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