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Operation And Maintenance Manual Of Potato Peeling Machine

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The potato peeling machinei s made of stainless steel, which can fully adapt to the humid environment of the processing center, clean the body and frame of the peeling machine without rust, and increase the service life of the machine. The equipment is equipped with circulating water pump and filter water tank to realize the recycling of cleaning water, save water, and replenish water according to the actual production situation. 

potato peeling machineThe conveying motor can adjust the speed change function. Scope of application: sweet potato peeling, potato peeling, pumpkin peeling, purple potato peeling, radish peeling, taro peeling, potato peeling machine. Peeling 20 tons / day, 1.5-3 tons / hour. It is started in four seasons and is not affected by seasons. It is the terminator of old brush equipment. The peeling effect is good, fast and economical. We sincerely invite you to bring materials to test the machine.

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