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Structure Composition Of Potato Peeling And Washing Machine

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The potato peeling cleaning machine is mainly composed of motor, transmission, wool stick group and spiral blade. The materials are pushed forward by the spiral blade in the cleaning tank of potato peeling machine, in friction contact with the brush, and sprayed by the high-pressure nozzle on the upper part of the machine, so as to achieve the effect of continuous cleaning. There is enough space in the waste collection area under the machine to facilitate workers to remove waste. potato peeling machineThe new filter screen can completely separate waste residue and waste water. The waste residue can be easily scraped off above the filter screen, and the waste water can be discharged automatically below the filter screen. It is widely applicable to the cleaning and peeling of round and oval fruits and vegetables, such as ginger, carrot, potato, sweet potato, potato and other root potato vegetables, as well as the cleaning of shells.

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