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Distributor Of Chinese Made Cake Baking Machine In Mauritius

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Working principle of the electromagnetic heating new stainless steel pancake baking machine: put the flour slurry adjusted according to the proportion into the slurry bucket. When the baking wheel is heated to 140-160 ¡æ, start the slurry pump to send the flour slurry to the nozzle, operate the clutch operating lever to make the flour slurry adhere to the arc surface of the baking wheel. pancake baking machineWhen the baking wheel rotates over 270-300 degrees, the flour slurry will mature and automatically separate from the baking wheel, The roast duck cake skin with a fixed thickness can be folded for sale or wrapped immediately after being cut into squares by a cutting machine. The heating mode of baking wheel is divided into electromagnetic heating, electric heating and gas heating for users to choose.

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