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Working Process And Principle Of Pancake Baking Machine

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Working process and principle of pancake baking machine: make the required slurry according to the standard according to the requirements of slurry production process of relevant products, and use it after placing it for a specified time. After the slurry is heated and baked in a circular mold, a skin food with fixed thickness is formed. Process: put the prepared slurry raw materials into the equipment material box. When the oven mold is heated to 100 degrees, pancake baking machinestart the slurry pump to send the slurry to the nozzle, operate the clutch operating lever to make the slurry adhere to the arc surface of the baking wheel, rotate along the baking wheel and pass through 270-300 degrees. The raw material slurry is matured and automatically separated from the baking wheel to form skin food with fixed thickness.

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