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Catalogue Of Reliable Electric Winch Manufacturers In China

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Electric winch working in the open air shall be equipped with rail clamps, anchoring devices or iron shoes. For the electric winch working in the open air on the track, its rail clamp, anchor device or iron shoe shall be able to independently withstand the maximum wind force under non working state without being blown down. For the single main beam electric winch, since the lifting of heavy objects is carried out on one side of the main beam, the heavy objects produce a tipping moment on the trolley, electric winchand the anti tipping moment generated by the vertical reverse roller or horizontal reverse roller keeps the trolley balanced without tipping. Mobile electric hoist and boom luffing - the electric hoist that uses flexible steel wire rope to pull the boom for frequency conversion will produce a force to tilt the boom backward in case of sudden loading and unloading, resulting in the boom exceeding the minimum amplitude and the boom tilting backward. Therefore, all such cranes should be equipped with a backward tilting device.

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