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Chinese Distributor Selling Electric Winch In Mauritius

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Painting steps of electric winch

1. The primer shall be applied in a clean and dry place. The minimum ambient temperature shall not be lower than 5 ¡æ and the relative humidity shall be lower than 80 ~ 85%. During outdoor construction, it is forbidden to spray (brush) paint in the hot sun, rain, fog and sand.

electric winch

2. Apply one coat of primer according to the technical requirements of the product. If the product needs to be coated with two coats of primer, it must be dried after the first coat of primer. Generally, the drying time is 24 ~ 48 hours at the temperature of 18 ¡æ ~ 23 ¡æ.

3. The topcoat can be applied only after the primer is fully dried (24 ~ 48 hours when the drying time is 18 ¡æ ~ 23 ¡æ).   

4. Before finishing coating, the oil stain and dust on the primer surface must be removed to make the surface clean (dry at 18 ¡æ ~ 23 ¡æ for 0.2 ~ 0.3 hours after degreasing) and free of moisture, exposed frost and moisture layer

5. The topcoat shall be applied when the relative humidity is 40 ~ 70% and the temperature is 12 ¡æ ~ 25 ¡æ. During outdoor construction, it is forbidden to brush and paint in the hot sun and sand.

6. If the second coat of surface paint is required, the second coat of finish paint can be sprayed only after the first coat of finish paint is dried (24 hours when the drying time is 18 ¡æ ~ 23 ¡æ)

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