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Pasta Machine Can Produce Noodles Of Different Shapes

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Noodles are often eaten by us. Now noodles are mainly processed by pasta machine. Pasta machine can produce noodles of different shapes and specifications through different noodle pressing knives, such as noodles, round noodles, and noodles and leaves of various shapes. The specification and model of noodle pressing knife of pasta machine determines the thickness of noodles, The corresponding noodles can be produced by changing different noodle knives. Let's introduce several common face knife specifications.

pasta machine

According to the shape of pressed noodles, the noodles can be divided into square noodles, circular noodles, cutting noodles and Ling shaped noodles. Among them, the thinnest one can be pressed into 1mm, the thinnest round noodles can be pressed into 1.25mm, the thinnest cutting noodles can be pressed out into 6mm, and the special-shaped noodles and leaves can be customized according to demand.

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