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Working Mode Of Full-automatic Roast Duck Cake Machine

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Working principle of automatic pancake baking machine: start the baking wheel drive motor through the main control box to drive the baking wheel to rotate, heat the baking wheel to the required temperature through the heating mechanism, and adjust the egg slurry outlet box to the position where the surface slurry on it contacts the baking wheel through the main regulating handle, The surface slurry to be processed is pumped into the surface slurry outlet box through the surface slurry inlet and surface slurry outlet through the surface slurry connection inlet through the slurry pump. 

pancake baking machineAs the surface slurry level in the surface slurry outlet increases gradually, until the overflow surface slurry is stuck with the customized mold of the baking wheel, the egg skin is formed by 260 ° rotation of the baking wheel, and then the surface is scraped to the conveyor belt, cooled by the fan and collected.

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