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All Parts Of The Diesel Winch Shall Be Maintained Regularly

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Frequently check whether the hook, steel wire rope, brakes, limiters and safety switches of the diesel winch are sensitive and reliable. Check the hook of diesel winch for crack, wear and torsional deformation; Whether the steel wire rope is broken, whether the clearance between the brake belt friction plate on both sides of the brake wheel and the brake wheel of each brake is equal, and its actual contact area shall not be less than 70% of the theoretical contact area. diesel winchCheck the fastening condition of transmission parts and electrical components one by one. Tighten the pulley shaft nut and stopper, and check the wear of the balance wheel. All parts of the diesel winch shall be lubricated and maintained regularly to ensure that all parts are in good operation condition and prolong the service life of the crane and parts.

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