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Differences Between National Standard Winch And Non-standard Winch

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Common diesel winch tonnage: 0.3T winch, 0.5T winch, 1t winch, 1.5T winch, 2T winch, 3T winch, 5T winch, 6T winch, 8t winch, 10t winch, 16t winch, 20t winch, 25t winch, 32t winch. From the perspective of whether the winch meets the national standard: the winch can be divided into national standard winch and non-standard winch. diesel winchNational standard hoists refer to hoists that meet national standards, and non-standard hoists refer to hoists that manufacturers define their own standards according to customer needs. Generally, only manufacturers with production license can produce national standard winch or non-standard winch.

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