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Steel Bar Straightener Processing Waste Bending Steel Bar Video

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Although some faults of the scrap rebar straightening machine are not very common, if they occur, they can not be solved by our steel bar straightening machine driver. Of course, they do not appear suddenly, but slowly form along the service life of the steel bar straightening machine. For example, the gear of the reduction gearbox is seriously worn, resulting in excessive tooth side clearance and mechanism vibration; The crane gnaws the track; Fatigue crack, main beam deformation and downward deflection of metal mechanism. Due to the friction between the parts of the waste steel bar straightening machine, scrap rebar straightening machinethe wear of the parts and the factors of corrosion and aging are caused. When these damages reach a certain extent, if they cannot be repaired or have no repair value, they shall be scrapped immediately. The scrapping standard can be scrapped according to the safety regulations for steel bar straightener and in combination with the information provided by some relevant data.

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