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Function Of Saw Clip On Vertical Band Saw Machine

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The saw clip of the band saw is equipped with two upper and two lower saw clips in front of the saw. The lower saw clip is installed on the platform, and the upper saw clip is installed on the sliding arm of the machine body, which can be operated by the motor to make the upper saw clip rise and fall as required. Braking device of band saw. It is composed of handle, connecting rod, brake pad, etc. The brake block is installed inside the machine base and on the upper part of the lower saw wheel. band sawThe brake block is pressed on the lower saw wheel by the connecting rod of the operating handle to stop the saw machine quickly. The sawdust scraper device is composed of a pressure hammer and a scraping copper plate. It is installed on the horizontal axis of the saw blade tensioning device. The weight of the pressure hammer makes the scraper close to the upper saw wheel edge to remove the sawdust on the upper saw wheel and ensure the normal operation of the saw blade.

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