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Operation Method Of Woodworking Band Saw Machine

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The saw wheel of band saw machine is divided into strip saw wheel and plate saw wheel; Generally, the lower saw wheel of vertical band saw is the driving wheel, and the upper saw wheel is the driven wheel. The weight of the upper saw wheel shall be 2.5 ~ 5 times lighter than that of the lower saw. The cutting speed of band saw blade is usually 30 ~ 60m / s. The upper saw wheel lifting device is used for loading, unloading and adjusting the tightness of the band saw blade; 

band sawThe upper saw wheel pitching device is used to prevent the band saw blade from falling off the saw wheel during sawing. The band saw blade tensioning device can give elasticity to the upper saw wheel and ensure the stability of the tension of the band saw blade during operation; The old style uses spring or lever hammer mechanism.

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