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Structure Introduction Of Woodworking Band Saw

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All transmission parts of the band saw machine tool adopt sealing structure for operation. The base, upper and lower saw wheels and worktable are made of cast iron. Two saw wheels with the same diameter are installed above and below the machine body respectively, and the upper saw wheel can be adjusted up and down to facilitate loading and unloading the saw blade and adjust the tension of the saw blade. The lower saw wheel is a driving wheel, which is driven by a belt pulley. 

band sawIn order to reduce the wear and noise of saw blade and saw wheel, a layer of belt is wound around the wheel edge of saw wheel. The worktable is directly installed on the machine body, and there is a gap in the middle as the path of the saw blade. In order to prevent the saw blade from swinging left and right during sawing, a saw clip is installed under and above the worktable, the lower saw card is directly installed under the worktable, and the upper saw card is installed on the machine body and can move up and down.

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