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Application Scope Of Vertical Band Saw

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The upper wheel (steel parts) of woodworking band saw adopts double bearings (4 bearings), the lower wheel (cast iron) of band saw adopts double bearings, and the body is cast iron, which improves the service life of the bearing. It is mainly composed of bed, saw wheel, upper saw wheel lifting and pitching device, band saw blade tensioning device, saw blade guide device, worktable, guide plate, etc.

 band sawThe working principle is that the circular endless band saw blade is used as the saw tool and makes one-way continuous linear movement around two saw wheels to cut wood. The bed is made of cast iron or steel plate by welding. The saw wheel is divided into strip saw wheel and plate saw wheel. Generally, the lower saw wheel is the driving wheel and the upper saw wheel is the driven wheel. The weight of the upper saw wheel shall be 2.5-5 times lighter than that of the lower saw

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