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You Can Get A Free Saw Blade By Ordering A Band Saw Today

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The CNC band saw machine and electric band saw machine independently developed by our company are fully competent for this work. The automatic sports car can automatically realize the blocking, pile entry and pile withdrawal, and the forward and backward of the sports car. Compared with the traditional hand push woodworking sports car, it greatly saves manpower investment, and one person can complete the operation. The whole power system adopts motor design, 

band sawwhich has simple maintenance and reasonable structure, It is a kind of woodworking sports car equipment in the market at present. Fine workmanship, good material quality, affordable manufacturers, quality assurance, understand the details, welcome to inquire about the details! There is a pulley behind the upper saw card. When the saw blade runs backward, it plays a restrictive role and does not cause the saw blade to fall. The machine tool adopts the method of centralized discharge of saw dust to clean the working place.

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