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The Square Wood Multi Rip Saw Has The Following 4 Structural Advantages

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The square wood multi rip saw has the following 4 structural advantages:

1. Safe operation, semi-automatic feeding system, no potential safety hazard. High yield, about 20 cubic meters per day (8 hours).

2. The operation is simple. Only ordinary employees can process high-precision sheet metal. The thickness of the sheet can be adjusted freely, and sawing is used instead of planing. The surface of the finished product is smooth without planing.multi rip saw

3. The ultra thin saw blade adopts 1.4mm-3mm. High precision, no big and small head problem, reduce process, reduce wood waste and increase wood utilization.

4. The cooling and dust removal system can prevent the saw blade from working at high temperature for a long time, prolong the service life of the saw blade and reduce dust.

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