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Characteristics Of Square Wood Multi Blade Rip Saw

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According to the characteristics that the diameter of logs of fast-growing forests in South China is mostly 20cm, the square wood multi rip saw can cut logs, semi logs and square logs within this diameter. It is said that it is efficient and high-precision because it can cut a log into multiple pre-set specification plates at one time, with a high degree of automation. The shortage of high-quality raw materials has become the main reason restricting the development of wood industry. 

multi rip sawIt is the main task of square wood multi blade sawing industry to maximize the utilization of contents. Developing all kinds of wood-based panel products and improving their quality and application range is an effective way to make efficient use of wood resources. In addition, the development of whole tree utilization, reducing processing loss and improving processing accuracy can improve the utilization rate of wood to a certain extent.

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