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Spaghetti Machine Must Be Operated In A Standardized Manner

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The application of spaghetti machine improves the processing efficiency of noodles, and the taste of the produced noodles is also greatly improved. Although the machine is easy to use, it must standardize the operation to ensure safe production. Some time ago, I saw a news about an accident due to non-standard operation on the Internet. It said that a female worker accidentally rolled her long hair into the noodle machine when operating the noodle machine. When the machine gear was twisted and pulled down, she tore off most of her hair. It can be seen that the consequences of careless operation are very serious. Here, Sichuang spaghetti machine manufacturer reminds you again, 

spaghetti machineWhen operating the spaghetti machine, we must standardize the operation and never be careless. After the novice buys the machine, first read the operation manual carefully and get familiar with all parts of the machine. The female worker must put the long hair in the hat to prevent the above accidents. Do not touch the rotating parts with your hands when the machine is running. Be sure to unplug the power supply during overhaul or maintenance.

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