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Quotation Of Spaghetti Machine Made In China

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What problems should we pay attention to before starting the spaghetti machine? Let's take a look. Before starting the machine, run the machine empty to check whether there is abnormal noise or abnormal conditions. All rotating parts of the machine shall be lubricated adequately, otherwise the wear of the machine will be accelerated and the service life will be reduced. spaghetti machineDo not mix hard things into the flour, which will damage the machine. In order to ensure the operation safety, do not touch the rotating parts with your hands during the operation of the spaghetti machine. There are many accidents due to non-compliance with the specified operation. Therefore, the operation must be standardized. If the machine fails, check the fault when the power supply is disconnected. After use, clean up the residual surface, and coat the pressing roller and surface knife with edible oil. It will be much more convenient to use next time.

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