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Four Core Components Of Electric Loader

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The electric forklift consists of four parts: engine, torque converter, gearbox, front and rear drive axles. 1. Engine 2. There are three pumps on the torque converter, working pump, steering pump, variable speed pump, also known as traveling pump. Some models of steering pump are also equipped with pilot pump 3. Working hydraulic oil circuit, hydraulic oil tank, working pump, multi-way valve, electric forkliftlifting cylinder and tipping cylinder 4. Traveling oil circuit: transmission oil pan oil, traveling pump, one way into the torque converter, one way into the gear valve and transmission clutch 5. Drive: transmission shaft, Main differential, wheel reducer 6. Steering oil circuit: oil tank, steering pump, steady flow valve, steering gear and steering oil cylinder 7. The gearbox is integrated and split.

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