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Method For Filling Lubricating Oil In Pasta Machine

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When using the pasta machine, the lubricating oil shall be filled once per shift, and the gear oil or No. 20 mechanical oil can be selected. The grease in the bearing shall be replaced once a year, and the appropriate grease shall be selected. When the machine is out of service for a long time, apply an appropriate amount of edible oil on the surfaces of two rolls and noodle knife to prevent rust. 

pasta machineThe multi-functional pasta machine is a safe and efficient noodle processing machine. It produces noodles with uniform thickness and delicious muscles. It is widely used in canteens, restaurants and noodle processing plants. When using the pasta machine, first run the noodle pressing machine empty to check whether there is any abnormal noise. If the idle operation is normal, it can be used, Pay attention to check whether there are sundries on the roll and face knife before starting the machine.

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