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The Best Pasta Machine Manufacturer In China

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Noodle makers deal with the multi-functional pasta machine every day, but due to improper operation or unreasonable maintenance, it is easy to cause the surface pressing effect of the multi-functional pasta machine. In the end, not only the service life of the multi-functional pasta machine can not reach the expected length, but also seriously affect the taste of noodles. So how to correctly use and maintain the noodle machine?

1. Before using the multifunctional pasta machine, the machine shall be idled, and it can work normally only after confirming that there is no abnormality.

pasta machine

2. Before starting up, check whether there are sundries on the roll and noodle knife, and start up after cleaning. The power must be cut off when wiping the machine. After each use, the accumulated surface shall be cleaned in time. Do not use sharp air to scrape two rolls and noodle knife.

3. It is very easy to bring your hand into the roll noodle machine when entering the noodles. Keep an appropriate distance between your hand and the roll during operation. Do not use wooden sticks and other tools to help enter the surface during operation, otherwise it is very easy to cause personal injury and machine damage.

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