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Five Tips For Using Multifunctional Pasta Machine

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All maintenance and repair work of the multifunctional pasta machine must be carried out after the power supply is cut off.

1. Carefully clean the machine after each use to ensure food hygiene and cleanliness. Do not scrape the two rollers with a sharp knife or clean them with a water spray pipe.

2. Fill the spaghetti machine gear with noodle machine lubricating oil once a shift. Use gear oil or No. 20 engine oil or other lubricating oil. It is recommended to inject dozens of drops at a time. Replace the bearing grease every six months.

pasta machine

3. Check the tightness, friction and damage of ordinary V-belt, and adjust or replace it in time.

4. When the spaghetti machine stops running for a long time, apply a small amount of edible oil on the surfaces of the two rollers to prevent rust.

5. During operation, hard objects shall be prevented from entering between the rollers to avoid damaging the pressure roller.

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