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Pasta Machine Made In China At Best Price

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The working principle of the multi-functional pasta machine is very simple. It drives the gears of various parts of the multi-functional pasta machine to operate through the action of the motor and reducer, and pours the mixed flour into the plastic bucket. After the multi-functional pasta machine rotates, it will be pressed into a certain thickness of pasta by the pressing roller, so that we can gently adjust the handwheel at both ends of the pressing roller to the expected scale, pasta machineBut partners should pay attention to the gap between the two sides of the pressing roller. They are mutual, so they should be the same, otherwise the dough will deviate. The cutting knife is installed at the head, so the pressed dough will be cut into noodles by the cutting knife here. Different cutting knives can be configured to cut different noodles, such as round noodles, wide noodles, etc. you can also set the length of automatic strip breaking according to your own ideas.

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