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Scrap Rebar Straightener

Quotation Of Waste Steel Bar Straightener In China

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Scrap rebar straightening machine, also known as waste steel bar straightening machine, old steel bar straightening machine and steel bar straightening machine, is a construction machinery and equipment that can process and straighten bent steel bar, old steel bar, waste steel bar and steel bar head. According to the customer's own needs, it can be straightened, cut to length, elongated, 

scrap rebar straightening machinederusted and other processing and production, and can adjust all kinds of waste reinforcement and reinforcement heads within 5cm to 12cm. It is divided into vertical and horizontal waste steel bar straightening machines, as well as steel bar bending ring machine, steel bar bending hoop machine, hydraulic hoop bending machine, sharpening machine, chain wire drawing machine, steel wire straightening machine and other models.

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