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Here You Can Get Pancake Baking Machine Samples For Free

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The food contact part of the pancake baking machine is made of food grade sun 304. Cleaning is convenient. The main frame adopts the national standard frame to ensure the stability of the equipment. The bottom of the pancake baking machine is equipped with corner lifting bolts to adjust the horizontal placement of the equipment. The weighted rubber universal wheel ensures convenient movement of the equipment and protects the ground rubber of the workshop. 

pancake baking machineThe heating wheel is made of high-temperature and high-frequency casting material to ensure no deformation during use, higher equipment precision and operation stability. The main shaft of pancake baking machine is welded with seamless pipe and stainless steel seamless pipe. Finish turning by CNC machine tool to ensure assembly coaxiality. Prevent the heating wheel from jumping. The sizing system is independently developed by the superior product company, and the slurry filter and filter rib ensure the uniform transportation of cake skin materials.

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