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Maintenance Method Of Pancake Baking Machine

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Pancake baking machine is a new type of equipment in the snack market. It replaces the manual production of spring roll skin. It has low efficiency and reduces the production cost. Correct maintenance can prolong the service life of pancake baking machine. What are the maintenance contents of pancake baking machine?

1. For the equipment not used for a long time, pay attention to the rust prevention of the baking wheel. Polish the rust on the surface of the baking wheel with 80 mesh or 100 mesh sandpaper, apply oil and wrap it with film. If the equipment is electrically heated, always turn on the machine for heating to remove moisture.

pancake baking machine

2. Take out the gear in the gear pump after each use and clean it thoroughly with clean water to prevent gluten from sticking to the gear, affecting the gear rotation and causing excessive motor load.

3. The motor shall be regularly equipped with inorganic reduction oil.

4. Regularly fasten the chains and screws on the equipment to prevent looseness from affecting the use.

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