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Maintenance Of Steel Wire Rope Of Hydraulic Winch

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In the process of transportation and hoisting of hydraulic winch, the specific condition of steel wire rope has a great relationship with the safe operation of winch. Since the new rope has been transported, stored and installed from the factory to put into use, it is also affected by the environment (such as water immersion corrosion) and faults (such as external jamming) during use, so that the steel rope is constantly stretched and bent, resulting in wire breakage, wear and corrosion, which brings great hidden dangers to the safe operation of the winch. Therefore, regular inspection must be carried out and routine inspection and maintenance must be strengthened to ensure safe use. 

hydraulic winchArticle 404 of the coal mine safety regulations stipulates that the lifting steel wire rope must be inspected once a day, and the section that is easy to be damaged, broken or corroded shall be stopped for detailed inspection. The inspection items mainly include broken wire, wear, corrosion and deformation. The inspection method is generally manual visual inspection plus auxiliary tools (such as cotton sand, vernier caliper, steel wire rope flaw detector, etc.). During rope inspection, conduct detailed inspection at a speed not greater than 0.3m/s.

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