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Causes Of Power Failure Of Hydraulic Winch

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When using the hydraulic winch, we often have the problem of power failure due to some reasons. At this time, due to inertia, the equipment cannot stop operation immediately, which is easy to cause it to crash the workpiece or machine tool, and even other accidents. The following is an analysis of the reasons for the power failure of the hydraulic winch and the corresponding solutions. You can learn about it.

1. The vibration generated during crane operation makes the combination of sliding iron and guide rail not firm, and the power supply has problems, resulting in the simultaneous disconnection of the main contact and normally open auxiliary contact of the main contactor, and the self-locking failure of the coil of the main contactor, resulting in power failure.hydraulic winch

2. The local poor contact of the sliding iron causes the instantaneous phase loss when the crane moves to a certain section of the sliding rail. If the missing phase happens to be connected to the control line, the coil of the main contactor will be powered off and the self-locking will fail. Even if the equipment is powered on again after sliding through the poor contact due to inertia, the coil of the main contactor cannot be pulled in by itself, and the start button must be pressed again.

3. The vibration generated when lifting heavy objects makes the main contactor unable to pull in firmly, the main contact and normally open auxiliary contact are disconnected due to vibration at the same time, and the coil self-locking of the main contactor fails and the power is cut off.

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