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Be Sure To Cut Off The Power Supply Before Servicing The Noodle Machine

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When using the full-automatic noodle machine, let the machine idle for a few minutes, and then prick up your ears to check whether the machine has abnormal noise. Look at the operation of various accessories with your eyes. If you want to run your beloved noodle machine aground for a long time, you should coat the pressure roller and noodle knife of the noodle machine with the oil we used when cooking. It can be used for rust prevention. Don't be too close to the automatic noodle machine. noodle machineKeep a certain distance between your body and the pressing roller during operation to avoid accidents. This is also to protect yourself. Never use wooden sticks and other tools to send noodles, otherwise it is easy to damage the pressing roller or noodle knife of the machine, which is also risky. If there is broken material that needs to be pressed again, you must check whether there are hard objects mixed in the broken flour. If there are hard objects, they must be removed, otherwise the pressing roller and flour knife will be damaged.

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