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Safety Precautions For Using Noodle Machine

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Safety precautions for using noodle machine:

1. Do not damage, damage or process the power cord. When putting down heavy objects or stretching and bending, it may damage the power cord and cause fire and electric shock.

2. Keep your hands clean. Do not directly contact, insert or eight times the power plug with wet hands, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock.

3. Do not modify the noodle machine without permission, otherwise it will cause wire short circuit, electric noodle machine failure and other dangers.

4. Except for professionals, do not remove the junction box of the noodle machine during operation. There is high voltage in the junction box, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock.noodle machine

5. Do not use voltages other than the marked power supply voltage, otherwise it may cause fire or electric shock.

6. The plug of the noodle machine is 3P ground wire. Please insert the ground wire socket when using the noodle machine.

7. In case of smoke or peculiar smell during the use of the machine, please turn off the power switch immediately and unplug the power plug from the socket

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