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Gantry Milling Machine Made In China At Best Price

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A milling and boring head capable of milling and boring is installed on the beam of the gantry milling machine, Its spindle (sleeve or RAM) can make axial motorized feed and has a motion fine-tuning device, and the fine-tuning speed can be as low as 5mm / min. it can carry out boring and milling operations. 

milling machineThe beam is equipped with a power head, and the drilling and milling operations can be completed by installing a drill or milling cutter through a connecting rod. There is no difference in the processing objects. They are all for the processing of large workpieces, suitable for large sheet metal parts or box parts, and die Processing of tools, etc. Generally speaking, gantry machine tools should be equipped with corresponding accessory milling heads, otherwise the application scope of gantry machine tools will be limited.

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