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Quotation Of Cnc Gantry Milling Machine

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To ensure the accuracy of the gantry milling machine in operation, the foundation of the gantry milling machine must have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability. The force of the gantry milling machine mainly depends on the engine, but there is another important place that can not be ignored, that is, the screw rod. If the quality requirements of the screw rod cannot be met or the screw rod is too thin, if the engine power is too large, the machine tool speed is fast, If the cutting capacity is large, the screw rod may be deformed or even broken. Therefore, in this case, the bearing capacity of the screw rod should be considered. The design should be carried out in strict accordance with the machine tool load diagram provided by the machine tool manufacturer. 

milling machineIt is necessary to ensure the contact accuracy and stiffness of the gantry milling machine bed, sizing block and cement foundation, which is the key to ensure the installation quality and machine tool accuracy of the gantry milling machine, It is of great importance to the machining accuracy and processing capacity of the gantry milling machine. The gantry milling machine has high machining accuracy and productivity. It is suitable for processing the plane and slope of large workpieces in batch and mass production. In addition, doing a good job in the calibration of the gantry milling machine is also good for the accuracy of the gantry milling machine. We can calibrate the gantry milling machine through the following steps.

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