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Common Faults And Maintenance Methods Of Dog Food Machine

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Common faults and maintenance methods of dog food machine:

1. There are strange noises in the machine body, the bearings are rotten, worn and lack of oil. Maintenance method: disassemble the large pulley, discharge the front part, and hammer out the main shaft later. Insert the rear bearing first, fix the rear cover screws, and then enter the front bearing. Replace the oil seal, add lubricating oil, and do not add engine oil.

dog food machine

2. The screw (propeller) can generally produce about 100000 kg, which will wear, reduce the output and do not expand. Treatment: replace with a new screw (propeller) sleeve, which is more durable than the propeller. Generally, the new propeller is equipped with the old sleeve, and the new sleeve is equipped with the old shaft (propeller).

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