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Instructions For Pellet Puffing Feed Dog Food Machine

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Instructions for pellet puffing feed dog food machine:

1. The granule puffer is suitable for raising fish, shrimp, frogs, pigs, ducks, etc. The expanded feed produced by the extruder has the right to expand, soft cooked, high protein, complete nutritional components, floating on the water for a long time, and does not waste feed. Add trace elements to promote the rapid growth of fish.

2. Add wheat skin, corn flour, bean cypress, fish meal, etc. with composite premix, add 10-17 kg of water per 100 kg according to the formula, put it into the mixer and mix evenly, about 3-5 minutes, start the mixer auger, pump the material into the savings bucket, and then draw it into the mouth of Penghua machine by the savings bucket auger. Pay attention to control the closing of the storage barrel. From small to large.

dog food machine

3, cut the grain part, the size of the cut is determined by the grain hole. If you want to Peng Hua in general 4.5 centimeters, Confucius open 4-5, if you want to produce high, do not Peng Hua can open 10-15 holes, small motor can be adjusted before and after, the knife is in the right direction, when the material is cut, it is best to start with 3-5 Jin of feed and more water.

4. After the first feeding, disassemble the cutting part of the front section, immediately disassemble the nut on the extruder head with a tool hook, then start the motor to flow out the excess feed in the machine and clean the nut orifice.

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