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Price Of Log Sliding Table Saw Made In China

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For the maintenance of log sliding table saw, dust removal shall be carried out inside the machine regularly according to the workload to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the motor; Dust removal shall be carried out on the sliding platform track regularly to ensure the smooth operation of the sliding platform; Check the belt regularly and replace it in time in case of wear; Regularly inject oil into the lubricating parts of the fuselage to ensure the stable and quiet operation of the equipment.

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Precautions for use of log sliding table saw:

1. During the operation of woodworking sliding table saw, the surrounding area and table surface of sliding table saw shall be cleaned;

2. Check whether the saw blade is sharp and whether the upper and lower saw blades are on the same line;

3. Test run: the time is about 1 minute. Check whether the machine operates normally, and check the rotation direction of the upper and lower saw blades to ensure that the rotation direction of the saw blades is correct;

4. Put the prepared plate on the pusher, adjust the gear size and start cutting.

Maintenance instructions for log sliding table saw:

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