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Log Sliding Table Saw Made In China Working Video

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The operators of log sliding table saw shall wear work clothes, masks, ear muffs, protective glasses, etc. (gloves are not allowed). When processing the workpiece, it shall be pushed in slowly to prevent the saw blade from crashing and cracking due to the impact of the saw blade on the workpiece. Do not apply side force to the workpiece! The working environment of sliding table saw shall be far away from fire source and humidity. 

table sawThe operation, inspection, protection and repair of the equipment shall be carried out by personnel if necessary. The frame adopts large thick square tube, which is cut and formed at one time. It will not deform after long-term use and has high rigidity. The main track adopts 2.5cm high-precision bearing steel and linear track, which is light and flexible, greatly reducing the labor intensity of users.

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