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Skills Of Purchasing Chinese CNC Lathes

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CNC lathe is mainly used to process various shaft and disc parts. It can turn various threads, arcs, cones and internal and external surfaces of rotating bodies, and can meet the speed requirements of high-speed chip cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is suitable for efficient, mass and high-precision processing of rotating parts in automobile, motorcycle, electronics, aerospace, military industry and other industries.

1. CNC lathe adopts Mechatronics design, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, low noise and high positioning accuracy. It is widely used and easy to operate. It can automatically complete the machining of internal and external circles, grooves, end faces, tapers of various parts, and threads of various male and English manufactured cylinders and cones.

2. The NC system is programmed with ISO international code and entered manually by keyboard.

3. The spindle system has good rigidity and variable frequency stepless speed regulation. The main shaft has a large aperture, and the optional accessories are complete. It is suitable for complex parts, long shafts and disc parts of various shapes. In addition, the machine tool has the characteristics of low speed and high torque, and is suitable for fine turning of parts.

CNC lathe

4. The bed has high rigidity. The guide rail of the bed is finely ground after ultra audio frequency quenching, with long service life, high precision and durability.

5. The vertical and horizontal tool walking of the machine tool is driven by servo motor and driven by precision ball screw.

6. The structural stiffness and transmission stiffness of the machine tool are higher than those of ordinary lathes, and the power utilization rate is high, which is suitable for strong and high-speed cutting.

7. The operation of the machine tool is convenient, centralized and pleasant.

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