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Basic Rules For Instrument CNC Lathe Processing

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Basic rules for instrument CNC lathe processing:

1. In order to ensure the final machining quality of the workpiece, we divide the workpiece machining into two stages: rough machining and finish machining.

2. As we said before, CNC lathe is a compound machining machine tool, which can not only turn but also bore.

CNC lathe

3. The criterion of one-time clamping and positioning one-time clamping to realize multi process machining of workpiece is the basic machining feature of NC lathe.

4. Processing criterion from inside to outside when the workpiece to be processed has both internal and external surfaces to be processed, when organizing the processing sequence, the internal and external surfaces of the workpiece should be processed first and then the external surface. If phased processing is carried out, the internal and external surfaces should also be roughened first and then the internal and external surfaces should be finished.

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