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Crawler Rotary Tiller Adopts Crawler Drive Design

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Crawler rotary tiller cultivator adopts crawler drive design, with strong stability and climbing ability. It is suitable for various terrain in hills, mountains and plains, small model and high power. It is suitable for rotary tillage, soil loosening, ditching, backfilling, soil cultivation, ridging, weeding, fertilization, pesticide spraying and other operations of fruit trees, greenhouses and gardens with various row spacing. The frame design is reasonable and the thickened steel plate is adopted to effectively reduce the vibration generated by the engine and prolong the service life of the machine. The traveling gearbox and power output gearbox are adopted respectively to make the small machine have large power, reduce load and prolong service life. 

rotary tillerThree forward gears and one reverse gear are equipped with high and low speed respectively, with a total of 8 gears. The chassis is reinforced and raised, and the special track for paddy field is widened and thickened, with a width of 25 cm. Each roller is made of cast steel, with waterproof bearing oil seal inside. It can be used for both flood and drought, and the car will not sink in the mud. It can be equipped with a variety of agricultural tools, which can be used together with walking tractor 101 agricultural machines and tools. One machine is multi-purpose. It is suitable for small paddy field operation. It is a blessing for small farmers and small paddy field growers.

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