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Structural Features Of Mini Crawler Rotary Tiller

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Structural features of crawler rotary tiller:

1. The user can sit on the machine seat, which saves physical strength and improves work efficiency.

2. 3 forward gears, 1 reverse gear, multi gear control speed. The cutter has forward rotation, reverse rotation, neutral and traveling half shaft transmission, and it is safer to adopt anti derailment.

3. Low fuselage, double track design. It has strong trafficability, stability and climbing ability, and can adapt to all kinds of terrain.

4. One key start, front and back adjustment, back adjustment and safety belt. More protection, more confidence. The crawler protective fender is designed to be more safe and reliable.

rotary tiller

5. The integrated gearbox is convenient and simple to maintain. The main gearbox and tool speed change device are integrally cast, which is not easy to deform. The machining accuracy of the NC machining center is higher, and the assembly is operated in strict accordance with the standards.

6. All kinds of operation tools are hydraulic lifting, easy to operate and easy to use.

7. One machine can be used for multiple purposes. Replacing corresponding accessories can realize the functions of ditching, rotary tillage, ridging, weeding, backfilling, spraying medicine and so on.

8. Thickened rubber track, containing high-strength steel wire layer, folding and bending resistance, and the rubber is not easy to aging.

9. After derusting and grinding, the fuselage is derusted by pickling and phosphating, electrostatic plastic spraying on the surface, high-temperature baking and rapid hardening. It has the advantages of high paint hardness, not easy to rust and fall off,.

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