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Application Scope And Purpose Of Crawler Rotary Tiller

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Application scope and purpose of crawler rotary tiller:

1. The walking operation adopts chain rail type, which is stable and balanced, with large traction force, low fuel consumption, multiple functions, reliable performance and flexible operation.

2. The armrest can be adjusted up and down, and the left and right can rotate in place with 360 degree bearing.

3. The utility model has a wide application range and can be used for rotary tillage, deep tillage, weeding, tillage, ploughing, hard land ditching, soil preparation, sowing and fertilization, ridging and film covering in greenhouses, mountains, hills, orchards and plains.

rotary tiller

4. Hard work.

5. Earth work.

6. Weeding operation: weeding width: 150mm-1000mm, weeding depth: 20mm-50mm, suitable for weeding operation in corn, orchard, tea garden, mulberry garden, tobacco and vineyard, with an operation efficiency of 2400m2 per hour.

7. Ridging operation: ridge top width: 100mm-300mm, ridge bottom width: 300mm-1000mm, ridging height: 200mm-400mm, operation efficiency: 1800 square meters per hour, suitable for: soybean, peanut, sweet potato, tobacco, ginger and various vegetables.

8. Film covering operation: film covering width: 700mm-1000mm, operation efficiency: 2400m2 per hour.

9. Ridge sealing and soil cultivating operation: it is especially suitable for ridge sealing and soil cultivating of corn field in Northeast China. It has large traction, stable operation, convenience and flexibility, and the operation efficiency is 1800 square meters per hour.

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