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Precautions For Use Of Crawler Micro Rotary Tiller

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Precautions for use of crawler micro rotary tiller:

1. Before using the crawler micro cultivator, you must carefully read the operation manual and master the correct operation method before use.

2. Children and personnel without operation ability are strictly prohibited to operate.

3. Before use, conduct a comprehensive inspection on the fastening parts to ensure that all fasteners are firm and reliable.

4. Lubricate all lubricating parts before each use to ensure that all lubricating parts are well lubricated.

5. Check whether the V-belt tightness is appropriate and whether the two belts are parallel, otherwise adjust it. During adjustment, loosen the machine sizing block bolts, adjust the longitudinal and transverse positions of the engine, make the V-belt elastic properly, make the grooves of the two pulleys in the same plane, and tighten the bolts.

6. Check each joystick and ensure that the cable is flexible and reliable.

7. During rotary tillage, the width of rotary tillage can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of knife groups, and the depth of rotary tillage can be adjusted by adjusting the guide rod.

rotary tiller

8. Place the shift lever in the neutral position, the clutch is in the disengaged state, start the engine (strictly follow the engine operation manual when starting the engine), and check whether each gear of the two shift levers is flexible and reliable.

9. Step on the clutch slowly when you are ready to engage, so that you can start when the clutch is released gently, check whether the gear is normal and whether there is abnormal sound, and step on the clutch to engage again immediately in case of abnormality.

10. It is forbidden to step on the brake clutch integrated rod during operation, so as not to cause semi linkage, burn out the clutch, fail to shift normally and cannot be used.

11. For the adjustment and use of agricultural machines and tools, see the instructions for the use of agricultural machines and tools.

12. See engine operation manual for engine operation.

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