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Price Of Crawler Rotary Cultivator Made In China

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Rotary cultivator is a kind of cultivator which is matched with tractor to complete tillage and harrowing operation. It has been widely used because of its strong soil crushing ability and flat surface after tillage; At the same time, rotary tiller can cut the stubble buried below the surface, which is convenient for the operation of the planter and provides a good seed bed for later sowing. According to the configuration of rotary tiller shaft, it can be divided into horizontal shaft type, vertical shaft type and inclined type. 

rotary tillerThe correct use and adjustment of rotary cultivator is very important to maintain its good technical state and ensure the farming quality. Rotary cultivator has the functions of breaking the plow bottom, restoring the soil plough structure, improving the ability of soil water storage and moisture conservation, eliminating some weeds, reducing diseases and pests, leveling the surface and improving the operation standard of agricultural mechanization.

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