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Skills Of Purchasing Chinese Diesel Pile Driver

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Precautions before construction of pile driver:

1. The start of pile driver shall be accelerated from low gear to high gear.

2. The pile driver shall pay close attention to the indication of current and voltage on the control panel during operation. In case of abnormal noise or other abnormal conditions, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

3. Frequently check the bearing temperature and whether the bearing cover screws are loose. Strictly check whether the connecting screws of eccentric iron block are loose to prevent accidents.

4. When sinking, no one is allowed to stand around the pipe column (or pile).

pile driver

5. When the pile driver cooperates with water jetting and mud suction to sink, it shall contact relevant personnel in advance and take care of each other during work.

6. When lengthening the pipe column or pile and installing the pile cap, the staff must wear the safety belt.

7. During the sinking process, it is strictly prohibited to carry out mechanical maintenance and maintenance.

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